Speaking to the Space of Possibilities (

Exuberantly You in Sex, Dating

and Relationships

A year long journey to create dynamic, fun and expansive relationships with your body, with yourself and with others beyond anything you’ve seen anyone choose or have. Are you done basing your relationship choices on movies, fairy tales, friends or family? Would you like to have your voice and be able to express yourself fully? Are you done hiding from your desires?


We will have 1.5 hour monthly calls to delve deep into what is possible for you with sex, dating and relationships with the facilitation and guidance of Siris Raquel Rivas-Verdejo who has explored all types of relationship dynamics from open, poly, monogamous and monogamish and she loves empowering singles, couples and the multi-partnered to have greater communication, to create fulfilling, orgasmic and joyful connections by being an intense space of liberation, flirtation and exuberance for any who would like to free themselves from the shackles of conformity and judgment.

Group #1 Starts November 11, 2020

Group #2 Starts January 21, 2021


Included in the Year Long Exploration:

  • 12- 1.5 hour calls

  • 12 audio replays

  • Downloadable pdfs of call highlights, clearings and homeplay

Some topics include, but are not limited to:



Stopping Self-Sabotage

Body Awareness for Sex, Dating and Relationships

Rejection & Breakups

Joyfully Connections with your Body (with and without a partner)

Letting Go of the Past


Future Planning



Mental/Emotional Health

Dating When You Have Kids

Sex and Dating with Pain/Illness


***Topics are subject to change given that calls are tailored to what participants are asking for more tools, clarity and ease about.  

What would you being exuberantly yourself in
sex, dating and relationships look like?

Scheduled Dates/Times:

Wednesday, November 11th 7-8:30pm EST 

Friday, December 11th 7-8:30pm EST

Wednesday, January 13th 7-8:30pm EST

Friday, February 5th 7-8:30pm EST

Wednesday, March 3rd 7-8:30pm EST

Friday, April 2nd 7-8:30pm EDT

Wednesday, May 5th 7-8:30pm EDT

Friday, June 4th 7-8:30pm EDT

Wednesday, July 7th 7-8:30pm EDT

Friday, August 7th 7-8:30pm EDT

Wednesday, September 1st 7-8:30pm EDT

Friday, October 1st 7-8:30pm EDT


Scheduled Dates/Times:

Thursday, January 21 3:30pm-5pm EST

Thursday, February 17 3:30pm-5pm EST


Wednesday, March 24 1pm-2:30pm EST


Thursday, April 22 3:30-5pm EDT


Wednesday, May 19 1-2:30pm EDT

Thursday, June 17 2-3:30pm EDT  

Wednesday, July 21st 1-2:30pm EDT  

Thursday, August 19 1-2:30pm EDT  

Wednesday, September 15th 1-2:30pm EDT

Wednesday, October 13th 1-2:30pm EDT

Wednesday, November 17, 1-2:30pm EST


Thursday, December 23rd 1-2:30pm EST



Regular Price 1 Payment $1200 USD


2 Payment Plan (2nd Payment after 2 months)

$750 x 2 = $1500 USD





6 Payment Plan (Payments every 2 months)

$313 x 6 = $1878 USD

12 Monthly Payments

$209 x 12 = $2508 USD

Get a free copy of the "5 Questions to Stop Self-Sabotage in Relationships" HERE