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Exuberantly You with Relationships

8-Part Online Series

Would you like more pleasure, enjoyment and

adventure in your relationships?

What does your body have to say about your relationships? 

An 8-part online series to get tools: 

  • to connect with the vibrancy of your body

  • to be able to communicate more effectively in your relationships

  • to have continually clear awareness of what will work for you

  • to pull in more of what you truly desire

  • to create relationships where you don't feel like you have to choose between yourself and others

  • to invite and facilitate other people to have greater ease with their relationships

  • to clear limiting patterns and beliefs that you may be unconsciously using to create relationships

  • to move from mediocrity to beyond what you have seen anyone consider or choose with relationships 


We will have 1-hour calls facilitated by Siris Raquel Rivas-Verdejo who has explored all types of relationship dynamics from open, poly, monogamous and monogamish and she loves empowering singles, couples and the multi-partnered to have greater communication, fulfillment and joyful connections by being an intense space of liberation, flirtation and exuberance for any who would like to free themselves from the shackles of conformity and judgment.

Starts February 17, 2021

Included in the Series:

  • 8 - 1-hour live calls onlines

  • Audio replays

What would connecting with your body more and including its awareness create
for your relationships?

​Call #1 Thursday, February 17 @3:30pm-4:30pm EST


Call #2: Wednesday, March 3 @12:30pm-1:30pm EST


Call #3: Wednesday, March 24 @12:30pm-1:30pm EST


Call #4: Wednesday, April 14 @12:30-1:30pm EDT


Call #5: Thursday, May 6 @3:30-4:30pm EDT


Call #6: Wednesday, May 19 @12:30-1:30pm EDT


Call #7: Thursday, June 10 @ 2-3pm EDT


Call #8: Thursday, June 24 @1-2pm EDT  



Payment of $450 USD x 1



Payment of $69 USD every 3 weeks x 8

(Total = $552 USD)

Get a free copy of the "5 Questions to Stop Self-Sabotage in Relationships" HERE