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Choosing a Different Future Vodcast

Have you ever met someone that by just their very presence it invites you to consider possibilities you hadn’t considered before? What if they also connected you to ideas, people and tools that allowed you to choose more quickly and easily in order for you to create a phenomenal life? 

We can connect with our bodies, our inner knowing and with new possibilities to choose a different future beyond what anyone could expect or imagine! 

This show is for and about people who are different. People who are choosing to create a life beyond definition, beyond limitation and incredible expansive for them and those that they are connected to. People who are out-creating all of the projections  and expectations that were impelled upon them invite all of us to choose a future that’s actually going to work for us individually and together.

Family and Child Coach, Speech-Language Pathologist and Therapeutic Energy Worker, Siris Raquel Rivas-Verdejo, will use her gifts to guide to connect with your body, your awareness and other insightful, nurturing change agents around the world for you to have more ease with choosing, creating and receiving your way. 

Siris Interviews

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