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Your voice is not your instrument. Your voice is the character that you build, your innermost feelings, the things that you want to say, and your instrument is the vehicle that you use to carry the message.


~ Dianne Reeves


What if your child's difficulties, challenges and diagnoses are gifts and capacities? For some families it can seem like their child isn't being seen for who they truly are, their strengths and interests and the contribution they are to the world. What would it be like if you had a therapist who knew your child was a gift and that the world was better with them in it? What if you had someone who took into account the wealth of knowledge and awareness you have about your child and worked with you to empower them to have the life that's uniquely possible with them?  

Our speech-therapy sessions are a space for you and your child to be seen, heard and empowered to acknowledge what you already know,  to consider what else is possible for your child, for yourself and for your family! What would it take to expand your child's abilities with ease, joy and glory? What if it could be way more fun than you have ever considered?

Image by Brannon Naito

What if you have a unique way of expressing yourself and receiving input from the world?We are very aware of the world around us. What if you knew there was nothing wrong with you and you could use your voice and how you show up in the world to your advantage more effectively?


Our sessions will be a platform for you to discover your voice, recognize in which way you best communicate and receive information and get out of judgment of yourself in order for you to have your voice in the world even more!


What if your difficulties, challenges or diagnoses are gifts and capacities? That's where we will begin and create and choose what will work for you from there!


How much more ease, clarity and joy could you have expressing yourself? 

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Consultations can be conducted via phone, webchat or in-person in the Savannah, Georgia area. After discussion of concerns and/or a direct observation, recommendations tailored to the client’s individual needs are provided which may consist of suggested services, evaluations, strategies and supports.

Speech-Language, Feeding, Learning-Behavior


When treatment has been chosen, the client and/or family will have an individualized plan considering their strengths, gifts and interests in order to target the areas and skills that are challenging. It is recommended that therapy include parent involvement when the client is a child and/or a home program in order to support the client’s progress.


Private evaluations are available for Speech-Language, Learning-Behavior and Feeding concerns. Evaluations can be conducted in the home, work or school for clients 3 years of age and older in the Savannah, Georgia area. Remote testing from an online platform can also be conducted for those out of the area or when deemed appropriate. 

Testing protocols and areas assessed will be guided by expressed concerns and in line with what is required for the client, family or school to have a more comprehensive knowledge and awareness of strengths and challenges in order to better support them and create an individualized intervention plan if appropriate.  

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